Beyond the Huppah Curriculum
Engaged and newly married couples are looking for practical tools and Jewish community during this important time of transition. Since 2010, Mayyim Hayyim has offered Beyond the Huppah to greater Boston area couples, and now it's available to share with your community.


This curriculum is a five-session, 181-page, comprehensive resource that provides everything you need to promote and facilitate a Beyond the Huppah program.

What's included:

*Each session comes with several handouts containing source sheets for text study and interactive activities.

*Appendix includes detailed endnotes and promotional tools.

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More about Beyond the Huppah

Each session covers the following core questions:


  • How will our lives change once we are married?
  • How do we identify our identity as a Jewish family?

Decision-making and Financial Management

  • How do we negotiate important decisions for our family honestly and respectfully?
  • How will we manage our money?
  • How can tzedakah, giving to others, play a role in our lives?

Jewish Ritual

  • How does Judaism sanctify marriage?
  • How can Jewish rituals help mark important transitions, such as deciding when and how to begin a family?
  • How might we relate to the ritual of mikveh within our marriage, on our own terms?


  • What does Judaism teach about sex in marriage?
  • How do we build and maintain a healthy sex life?

Building a Jewish Family

  • What does 'a Jewish family' mean to us?
  • How will our marriage change if we choose to have children?

"I noticed a marked change in the quality of interaction between my partner and myself throughout taking this course. We learned so much that was immediately useful and will continue to prove helpful throughout our marriage."

-Cohort 4 Participant