Questions and Answers for those who have Chosen Judaism

Immersing in the mikveh is the final ritual in the extraordinary journey of conversion to Judaism. After immersion, without the structure of scheduled study opportunities, there is rarely a meaningful avenue to foster a sense of comfort in the Jewish world. 

In keeping with one of our seven guiding principles, chinuch (education of adults and children), Mayyim Hayyim has responded to this call to action with a new curriclum to assist Jews-by-choice on the "post-graduate" part of their Jewish journeys.

This publication was created after the success of a workshop series led by Rabbi Leslie Gordon, co-sponsored by the Conservative Movement's Jewish Discovery Institute. 

"It was wonderful to revisit these topics after being Jewish for some time - it helped my husband and I think about and discuss our goals for our Jewish life together."

This curriculum will be available to purchase for your community soon. Stay tuned for its upcoming launch by joining our mailing list.

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